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You are in the world of DC and Marvel comics and cinemas.We are here to give you all the required information and latest news on DC comics and Marvel studios based upon their characters, movies, Games & some of the most funny and amazing Facts of  DCMCU (DC Marvel Comic Universe)   



DC and Marvel Comics Universe (DCMCU)

DC and Marvel comic universe are the official home of the most popular superheroes such as SUPERMAN, BATMAN, IRONMAN,  CAPTAIN AMERICA, WONDER WOMEN, THOR and much more which are called as JUSTICE LEAGUE (DC UNIVERSE) and AVENGERS (Marvel Universe) in respective of their characters.

  Marvel DC Comics
Name Marvel Worldwide Inc. DC Comics, Inc.
Parent Company Marvel Entertainment, LLC, part of The Walt Disney Company DC Entertainment, a subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. , a division of Time Warner
Founded in 1939 1934
Founded as Timely Publications National Allied Publications


Marvel and DC are two of the biggest publications of comic books. Their comics are so popular that they have spawned a multimedia universe. The phenomenon started from humble comic books, but have now gone on to include TV shows, movies, novels, websites, and merchandise.

DC and MARVEL comics always have a head to head competition since ages, whether it might be on Hollywood or TV shows these franchises never back down,they have their own die-hard fans with respective to their universe. DC comics which was introduced  nearly 5 years earlier than Marvel comics which was first started by the name of  Timely Publications and later branded as MARVEL COMICS.

However,  an Amalgam Comics were created in which both DC and Marvecharacters were seen as merging together such as..


  • Dark Claw - An amalgamation of DC's Batman and Marvel's Wolverine (Logan)
  • Super-Soldier - An amalgamation of DC's Superman and Marvel's Captain America
  • Aqua-Mariner - An amalgamation of DC's Aquaman and Marvel's Sub-Mariner
  • Green Skull  - An amalgamation of DC's Lex Luthor  and Marvel's Red Skull

And many more were aligned together,  later due to some copyrights issues they were once again settled to their own universe respectively.

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